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"Fighter General"
This Robert Taylor Print is a hard to source "Artists Proof", one of only 100 limited edition prints of its
type. This print is numbered 85/100.

Formal Print Description: "Having led a squadron in the Spanish campaign, Adolf Galland was an
experienced ace by the time World War 2 commenced. Galland fought in the battles of Poland, France and
Britian, leading the famous JG 26 Abbeville boys in the west. He flew in combat against the RAF's best
including Douglas Bader, Bob Stanford-Tuck, Sailor Malon, and Johnnie Johnson. In 1941, at the age of
29, he was promoted to "Inspector General of the Fighter Arm" a position he held until the end of 1944. In
Feb 1942, Hitler selected Galland personally to organise and conduct the fighter escort the spectacular
"Channel Dash". He became the youngest general in the German High Command was given
responsibility for fighter operations in Sicily just before the Allied landings. As Allied air superiority
increased he was  also given responsibility for the Night Fighter Arm but never succeeded in convincing
Hitler to concentrate the Luftwaffe's entire effort on air defence. Open disagreements with Goering's
tactics led to his dismissal. He reverted to combat flying, forming the famous JV 44 wing flying the Me262
jet fighter, to become the only General in history to lead a squadron into battle. With 104 air victories, all in
the west, Adolf Galland received the Knights Cross with Oak leaves, Swords and Diamonds".     

Adolf Galland died in 1996.

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Please note, the print which I have on offer is one of only 100 Artists proofs.
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