"Eisernes Kreuz 1939 2. Klasse"
(Iron Cross 1939 2nd Class)
According to the reference Third Reich Militaria pp 10 by Robin Lumsden, "Arguably the best-known
military decoration in the world, the Iron Cross, ..... was instituted by King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia
in 1813 to recognise bravery.....It was reinstituted with minor design changes in 1870 for the
Franco-Prussian War and in 1924 for World War 1...... On 1 September 1939 Hitler again reinstituted the
EK...The EK of 1939 initially comprised four grades or classes, but these had increased in number to eight
by 1945...When presented, the EK2 was hung from the second buttonhole of the tunic in the traditional
German fashion.Thereafter, the recipient usually wore the ribbon alone, either from the buttonhole or on a
ribbon bar above the left breast pocket.".Preview this link
Eisernes Kreuz 1939  for additional objective
information on this award.
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Guarenteed unconditionally to be original and an authentic collectable or your
money back in full!
Front View
Reverse View
This particular medal on offer is maker marked "7" on the ribbon mounting ring. It was thus made by the
firm "Paul Meybauer Berlin".
$210.00 USD