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German Third Reich
from luckylukeonline.
Nazi German Third Reich Silver Reichsmark coins
At luckylukeonline, we specialise in selling Nazi coins of the German Third Reich, exactly the same coins
used 70 years ago throughout Germany. Guaranteed original and authentic. Like everything from Hitler’s
Third Reich, most Nazi coins are marked with the swastika but not all! Some of the relatively rare and
scarce Nazi coins, like the 1934 Schiller 5 Reichsmark, are barely recognisable as being Third Reich.
Later, the swastika emblazoned Reichspfennig and Reichsmark Nazi coins were initially made from quality
metals .... copper, silver, nickel, aluminium or an alloy. 1939 was the year that Hitler put Poland under the
swastika and thus precipitated WW2. With war came many changes, the production of Nazi coins being
just one. World War 2 coincided with German mints ceasing production altogether of the silver Reichsmark
Nazi coins. Further, all Reichspfennig Nazi coins were now produced in cheaper zinc. Production of
Reichsmark Nazi coins may have ceased with the start of WW2 but the swastika clearly remained,
emblazoned on millions of zinc
Reichspfennig Nazi coins.

At luckylukeonline, we
wholesale stock  Nazi coins both pre war and WW2 war era. We look to the needs
of the individual collector and the small business alike. We therefore sell single hard to find Nazi coins as
well as  wholesale priced bulk lots of the relatively more common coins.  Whatever your needs, we can
deal with it! Most of our wholesale Nazi coins are those with the Reich eagle and swastika. But we also
source the earlier rarer and much sought after Nazi coins, like the Schiller and Luther silver 2 and 5
Reichsmark coins. If it's a Third Reich German coin you want and we haven't got it in stock, then we'll get
it! Simply
email  us with what you need and give a little time. At luckylukeonline, we cater to the needs of
all our collectors from the serious numismatist (coin collector) to the die-hard military enthusiast.
Especially for the military enthusiast, luckylukeonline also specializes in presenting a range of German
Nazi  coins that we have
gold plated in 24k gold. Truly spectacular presentations! Please note though that
we at luckylukeonline have gold plated these coins for your pleasure and presentation. The Third Reich did
not produce gold plated coins.

And if your not in the market for any of our Nazi coins, luckylukeonline can still be of assistance to you. Our
Nazi Coins Research Page contains all you need to identify any coin produced by the Nazi German Third
Reich. If it’s German and it has a swastika on it, it’ll surely be on that page. Mint year and mint mark are all
outlined. Scarce mint marks as well. A free Nazi coins resource for all visitors to luckylukeonline!! Thanks
for visiting! And you can always email us if you want a quick value on any particular coin.
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5 Reichsmark Nazi Coin and Volkswagon poster of the Third Reich.
"Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz" translating roughly to "The community
comes before the individual". Minted on the edge of all silver 2 and 5
Reichsmark Nazi German coins, this perhaps typified the subjugation of the
German citizen to the Nazi state. Visit my
Nazi Coins Research page for
reference details on all the German Third Reich coins, both pre WW2 and
War era production including year and mint marks. The evolution of Third
Reich coins is a study in history! Individual coin mint marks are colour
coded to give a quick relative value. You can also
download a word
document which lists all coins officially minted by Third Reich Germany.
Nazi Silver Reichsmark Coins are impressive collectibles both for
their high silver content as well as for their eagle and  swastika
design. All guaranteed to be original 100% authentic collectables.
Whether your after
one elusive coin, a single fine example, or wish
to buy bulk lots of Nazi coins at
wholesale prices or your beginning
a valuable secret silver bullion investment to protect against hard
years ahead, we'll we have in stock.
Nazi Reichspfennig Coins were produced in various metals.  In
later years, all Third Reich German coins were to feature the Nazi
eagle with swastika. Look out for the Nickel 50 Reichspfennig
minted in 1938 and 1939!! Like the larger silver Nazi coins, we carry
the smaller denomination Third Reich coins in bulk at wholesale
prices too. All guaranteed to be original 100% authentic German © Copyright 1999-2013, luckylukeonline, all rights reserved
Authentic Nazi Coins at Wholesale prices. Are you wanting a
personal silver bullion cache of silver coins to secret away? If so,
then the Nazi Reichsmark coins are ideal!  Or perhaps you are a
dealer who needs quality stock for your business? See what we
in stock.
Nazi Coins in 24k Gold Plate! Genuine Nazi production coins that
we at  luckylukeonline have had professionally gold plated. The
24k gold plating presents these Nazi German coins in an
impressive manner. A great addition to the collection of any WW2
enthusiast who wants striking modern presentations.
Gold Plated Nazi German Coins from luckylukeonline
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If your looking for a specific coin by mint year and mint mark,
then Luckylukeonline will likely have it. We have tens of
thousands of Nazi German coins available. On our
Nazi Scarce
Coins for Sale page, we provide a range of specific individual
coins in varying conditions to fill your collector shortfalls. Also
found here will be the more common German Third Reich coins in
excellent condition. Individual coins of particular mint year and
mint mark are presented with photo's to clearly show their
Luftwaffe Pilot Erich Hartmann featured in Robert Taylor poster
Nazi Miscellaneous Items for Sale! In our ongoing search for
quality coins, we occassionally stumble across other interesting
Third Reich collectables.

Highly collectable limited edition
Robert Taylor prints signed the
very best of the German Third Reich Luftwaffe.

A limited range of
presentation stamp sets including the very last
two stamps ever officially released by the German Third Reich.

A small range of quality
genuine Nazi era Medals.
Schiller Reichsmark Nazi Silver Coin
Third Reich Nazi 50 Reichspfennig nickel coin with swastika
German Third Reich Reichsmark Silver coins with swastika
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1. As at 3 Apr 2016, I have updated the Misc Items for Sale page with a quantity of new medal

2. As of 13 Dec 2011, if you wish for a comprehensive list of every coin minted by the Third
Reich, then a
downloadable word document list is now available.
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