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Coins.......  They pass through the hands of the world every day. And the
governments of the Nations that produce these coins try to capture
themselves in the symbols on their face.  The Nazi German Government,
just like every other civilization in history, used it's coins to promote the
symbols that  defined it as a nation. Hitler's dream was a German Reich to
last 1000 years.  It's 1945 destruction meant the end after just 12 years.  
The consequences however, of those calamitous 12 years, are still felt to
this day. The symbol of Nazi Germany.....the Swastika....has come to
symbolise much more than a neophyte 1933 political movement. The Nazi
movement and its symbol grew to a level of power and evil far greater
than its innocuous beginnings would ever have suggested. Such was the
extent of this  evil that the Swastika....the clearly identified symbol of the
Nazis and all they stood for.....remains a banned  symbol to this day in
Germany.  And yet, it was a symbol impressed upon every German citizen
irrespective of personal belief. And with its emblazoned image on every
coin, all Germans irrespective of personal belief, were touched by it daily.

Coins....... They touch everyone in a society as do  the symbols on them.
Ironically, it is the Nazi symbol of the Swastika and not Hitler that is
featured on the coins of the Third Reich that survive to this day. Adolf
Hitler did not feature on any official Third Reich coins. Instead, it was the
Reichspresident Von Hindenburg who was commemorated on Nazi
Germany's coins both before his death and after. One might well question
however why the 1935-1936 Nazi 5 Mark silver coin featuring the bust of
Hindenburg, did not incorporate two small swastikas on either side of the
Reichsadler. After all, the earlier 1934-1935 Nazi 5 Mark silver coin
featuring the Potsdam Church (Postdam Kirche) incorporated the use of
the swastika. "Why not the coins featuring Hindenburg" one might well
ask? Then again, after Hindenburg's death, the Nazis did indeed meld
Hindenburg's image with that of the Swastika. Was there a political
reason for altering the earlier design of the 5 Mark coin featuring
Hindenburg so as to deliberately not have him associated with the
swastika?  It is said that Hindenburg, a famous first World War General
and post war President, held both Hitler and the Nazi party in low esteem.
It is with paradoxes such as these that lie the allure of coins. Coins are
but a reflection of the nation that mints them, ever  evolving and changing
as the nation changes. The comparison of pre-war (1939 and before) and
war-era (1939 and after) Nazi coins shows a stark contrast again reflective
of the society's changes

Food for thought........
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"5 Mark die Woche musst Du sparen-
willst Du im eignen Wagen fahren!"

"5 Mark per week must you save- then you will
travel in an automobile!
This early Nazi propoganda poster contains two symbols of the time.....the Reichsadler and the
Volkswagen. The government savings plan of 5 Reichmarks per week is symbolised by the silver 5
Reichsmark coin behind a volkswagen. Who could have ever imagined in those days that of all the
Third Reichs legacies, the humble "Beetle" would endure to be the cultural icon it is today? And
what of the silver 5 Reichsmark coin of that time? The Reichsadler is still an enduring symbol for
Germany. But not the swastika which Hitler added to it!
"Der Marschall und der Gerfriete"
The [field] Marshall and the Corporal"
"..... Kämpfen mit uns for frieden and
" .... Fight with us for Freedom and Equality"..
This early Nazi propoganda poster tries to meld Hitler with Hindenburg. It is highly unlikely that the
two men ever had more than cursory words for each other let alone posing together for a picture of
this nature. But such is propoganda! In this poster, Hitler is attempting to ride on the popularity of
the famous World War One General and post war President Hindenburg in an attempt to bolster his
own image. In World War One, Hindenburg was a Field Marshall while Hitler was a corporal. The
personification of Hitler as a "humble" corporal wasn't to last for much longer........ Ironicly it was
Hindenburgs ill health and eventual death which transformed Hitler into ultimate power. Hitler
combined his own position of Chancellor with that of the deceased Hindenburg's position of
Reichspresident to become a dictator.    
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