Third Reich Luftwaffe
Limited Edition Robert Taylor Prints
For the  serious collector of Aviation Art, Robert Taylor needs no introduction. He could be considered THE
painter of aviation art. Each print is individually handsigned by former Luftwaffe fighter aces such as Adolf  
Galland, Erich Hartmann and other Knights Cross colleagues. Each print comes with its numbered Certificate
Of Authenticity matching the numbered print. As each year passes on, so too do many of the signatories. These
prints are serious investments, rapidly gaining value as the Knights Cross aces become rarer with time passing

Each print has been stored flat, individually protected in frame matting and sealed in plastic to prevent any
marking, dust, or contamination.
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the genuine offers featured below.  
"Fighter General" limited edition
print  by Robert Taylor complete
with numbered COA (Certificate of
$650.00 USD
Third Reich Stamps
While we do not try to provide all the stamps issued by the Third Reich, we do stock some of the more recognisable. We
are also adding some fantastic "collector sets", built by theme, date or icon. Our most exciting offering however is the
SA/SS two stamp set, the very last stamp set issued by the Nazis. These are genuinely great investments for the future.  
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"Eagles Out Of The Sun" by Robert Taylor
Limited Edition Print uniquely framed and
personally signed a second time by Mr Taylor
This is the "Wehrmacht I" set. Features
a different arms corp with each stamp.
The 3 rpf stamp features a uboat after a  
successful attack. Similarly, a battle
scene is featured on the 4 rpf stamp
with an SS commander directing the fire
of his heavy  machine gun crew. Each
of these stamps is a study within
themselves.  A great snap portrait of the
Nazi war machine at the time. This full
set is presented at no extra cost exactly
as the photo left indicates.
Nr. 873-885
$24.95 USD
set released in 1943, each stamp
features a different arms corp within the
Third Reich. Each stamp in this second
set however does not explicitely feature
exemplify the latest state of the art
equipment of elite troops.  The 40rpf
stamp in the earlier Wehrmacht 1 set
Deutches Reich
Nr. 909-910
$59.00 USD
released by the Third Reich. Released less 2.
Only released in Berlin, very few of these
stamps actually made it on to a letter and
into circulation. Released only 6 days after
Hitlers birthday. Irrespective of the rumours
are the last two Nazi stamps issued  by the
Third Reich. When these last stamps were
issued, the Russians were on Germany's
eastern doorstep and closing in on Berlin
fast. The rest of the allies were in Germany's
west and makes it an ironic issue. This set
will come as presented in the photo to the
Deutches Reich
Nr. 781- 798
$25.00 USD
This is the Reichspfennig
"Hitler-Dauerserie" set, released from 1941
to 1944. This is the complete reichspfennig
stamp set in the series. It has been
suggested that Hitler received a "royalty" for
the use of his image on these stamps.
Interestingly Hitler never featured on any
officially released Third Reich coins. He did
however feature on the Third Reichs stamps
as this set testifies.
Deutches Reich
Nr. 781- 798 &
Nr. 799 - 802
$55.00 USD
This is the complete Reichspfennig  
and Reichsmark Hitler-Dauerserie"
set, released from 1941 to 1944. The
Reichspfennig stamps in this series  
began release in 1941. The smaller  
denomination stamps are easier to
source. The larger denomination
Reichsmark stamps (particularly the
red 3 Reichsmark and blue 5
Reichsmark)  are significantly harder
to procure.
Deutches Reich
Stamp set
$12.95 USD
These Third Reich Stamp sets will
come to you as presented to the left.
No two sets will feature exactly the
same set of stamps.  Each set will come
with stamps all minted sometime
between the years 1933 - 1945 (the
period of the Reich). All guaranteed to
be genuine. All in the beautiful
condition as indicated in our example
set. A great surprise gift, whether to
some-one else or just to yourself!
Reich 831-842
Deutches Reich
Nr. 831-842
$24.95 USD
\Third Reich
Miscellaneous Items for
At luckylukeonline, we specialise in collectable Third Reich Coins. During our soursing, we stamp
and military collectors. Stocked as depicted are a limited range of the more interesting sets. The
money back guarentee. All items are sourced directely from Germany from only the most reputable
contacts. And for the really serious collector looking for a long term investment, there is a limited
range of Robert Taylor luftwaffe prints signed by such aces as Adolf Galland and Erich  if you have
any questions at all about any of
luke@luckylukeonline.comoccassionally come buy other Third
Reich Items. these items. © Copyright 1999-2011, luckylukeonline, all rights reserved
German Third Reich Luftwaffe featuring Galland
German Third Reich Luftwaffe
German Third Reich Stamps Wehrmacht
German Third Reich SA and SS stamps
German Third Reich Hitler Stamps
German Third Reich Hitler stamps
German Third Reich Hitler Stamps
German Third Reich Stamps wehrmacht
Reich 873-885
Reich 909-910
Reich 781-798
Reich 781-798 &
Reich Various
Genuine Third Reich Medals &
Now $215.00 USD
$285.00 USD
War Merit Cross 1939 2nd
Honor Cross of the
German Mother in Bronze
Honor Cross of the
German Mother in Gold
$70.00 USD
German West Wall Medal
Wound Badge in Black
"Eagles out of the Sun" limited edition
print  by Robert Taylor. Specialty framed,
additional signature by Mr Taylor plus two
Luftwaffe medallions. A one of a kind
collectable complete with numbered COA
(Certificate of Authenticity).
$1800.00 USD
"Most Memorable Day" limited edition
print  by Robert Taylor complete with
numbered COA (Certificate of
$525.00 USD
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Wound Badge in Silver
Wound Badge in Gold
Medal Bar with Ribbon bar
from $245.00
NSDAP Membership Badges
SA Military Sportsbadge in
$125.00 USD
Iron Cross 1939 2nd Class

$195.00 USD
Three on offer
$75.00 USD, $70.00 & $65.00 USD
$85.00 USD
Honor Cross of the
German Mother in Silver
$85.00 USD
$145.00 USD
Eastern Front Campaign
Wound Badge in Gold
Iron Cross 1939 2nd Class